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  • PCOS, Endometriosis, and Infertility: What Do They All Have In Common?
    I wanted to conclude the last week of women’s hormones month with a discussion on PCOS, Endometriosis, and Infertility and what they all have in common. Scientists have discovered that the Read more
  • Are My Adrenals Making Me Sick?
    I find the Adrenal Glands to be the root cause of most women’s conditions. Because women have so many extra hormones vs men, when we become stressed, we seem to Read more
  • Do I Have a Thyroid Problem?
    First, we need to know the chemicals and hormones involved with the thyroid, so you can better understand how it works. TRH = Thyroid Releasing hormone. This is made by the Hypothalamus, Read more
  • Hormones - How Do We Begin?
    Hormones - How Do We Begin? The month of August, I want to focus on Women's Hormones and go in depth with my patients on specific topics. Check out my video Read more
  • Everyday Items with Harmful Chemicals
       Do you know how many dangerous chemicals that you put on your skin or consume on a daily basis? Let's look at this deeper. I've created a table down below Read more
  • What Is Functional Medicine?
    Functional and Integrative Medicine is a form of health treatment, working toward finding the root cause of a symptom or disease. It is a form of medical treatment to treat Read more
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity and the Infrared Sauna
    Heavy Metal Toxicity and the Infrared Sauna Before I began my journey down Functional Medicine, I have known a little about heavy metals and the dangers to the body. Yet, I Read more
  • What Is the True Culprit of High Blood Pressure?
    What Is the True Culprit of High Blood Pressure? When we think high blood pressure, we worry about heart conditions. But we never understand why or how we got high blood Read more
  • The Truth About Cholesterol
    The Truth About Cholesterol There has been so much misinformation concerning cholesterol and statin drugs, that I would like to teach my patients the truth about these two topics. I will Read more
  • 5 Factors to Weight Loss | Why Am I Not Losing Weight?
    There are 5 main factors that typically contribute to a lack of weight loss, excluding diet and exercise. Sugar:  The over consumption of sugar has led to severe obesity and diabetes in Read more