Functional Medicine


What is Functional Medicine:

Functional Medicine is medical practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine. It focuses on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems.

Functional Medicine is a more personalized medicine that requires detailed knowledge of your medical history, your lifestyle habits, your social history.

Functional Medicine is  another approach to finding the cause of the patient’s condition. 

How does Dr. Johnson Approach Functional Medicine in her Practice:

 We try not to look at just the signs and symptoms but consider your lifetime exposure to toxins, nutrition, stress, injury, and relationships to evaluate why you are having these signs and symptoms. This is a more personalized approach with a lengthy one on one conversation with the Doctor to discuss your health concerns and get to the root cause of why you have these health issues.  Dr. Johnson does not prescribe drugs for a “quick fix” treatment approach but focuses on the “WHY” and treatment protocol.  Due to the “Opioid Crisis”, our approach is more nutritionally based and lifestyle based, utilizing supplements and natural medicine.


What is involved with Functional Medicine Visit:

Visits are based on what the patient is looking for with each treatment.  Our clinic does not do large treatment packages.  We are a fee for service clinic.  There are several options for the patient.

We offer face to face office visits:  the patient and doctor sit down together and discuss the patient’s concerns and outcomes.  

We recognize your time is busy and it is difficult to drive to the clinic.  For these situations, we offer a phone consultation or facetime consult.  Our “fee for service” visits are based on the time spent with the doctor.  Labs, supplements, and other treatments (i.e. chiropractic, acupuncture) or products are additional costs.

We will not diagnose a condition but will work to bring your health back to an optimal condition, which supports the body in a healing process.


VISITS with the Doctor:   Payment must be made prior to scheduling an appointment.  Our refund policy is at the bottom of the page

Initial visit: 45 minutes – 1 hour:  $300                                  Phone or Facetime: $250

This visit is a consultation with the doctor.  It included a comprehensive medical history filled out by the patient, possible physical exam, typically lab tests.   Lab test will be performed by Quest or Labcorp.   A Questionnaire will be emailed to the patient.  Our staff will call or email to make your appointment.

Patient may bring in their own labs from their medical doctor and this will be evaluated on the first visit.  Labs must be presented prior to visit.

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Initial Doctor Visit $300Initial Phone $250

Follow up:  25-40 minutes: $225                               Phone or Facetime: $180

We will review your medical history form, lab test results/reviews and treatment plan. A Questionnaire may be emailed to the patient. 

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Follow up visit $225Follow up phone $180

Quick Question: 15-20 minutes: $125                                    Phone or Facetime: $90

This visit is focusing on an acute complaint or condition, that you would like to discuss with the doctor.  This may include an explanation of a condition diagnosed by another doctor.  Alternative treatments for a condition.  Questions on current diet or nutritional advice.

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Quick Question $125Quick Question $90

Just Asking: 10-15 minutes: $50                                              Phone or Facetime: $50

This is short time to ask advice from the doctor on supplementation, treatment options, exercises, at home devices and equipment, explanation of conditions. This is an added fee to any time over an adjustment or acupuncture treatment. This is not a diagnosis but advice.  Any questions for the Doctor.

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Just Asking $50

Lab test only:     Price Varies based on testing performed: Call for details

We perform several types of lab testing from:  Bloodwork (done by Quest or Labcorp), Saliva testing, Hair Analysis, Stool Analysis, Hormone panels, Adrenal stress panels, and GI panels.  We will be glad to order test but each test has its own pricing.   Interpretation of any lab by the doctor would be an extra charge.

Interpretation of labs only: $90

This is an interpretation of the patient’s current labs taken by another doctor or on the request of ordering.  The doctor will review the blood work and explain the lab results to the patient.

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Blood Sugar Program: $160

This is a 10 day program where the doctor and patient work together to help reduce blood sugar level, or help jump start to a healthy diet lifestyle.  Many patients participate in this plan to lose weight.  The program lasts 10 days and it includes: the initial intake of symptoms and concerns, dietary guideline, explanation of why the diet, and the supplements.  The patient will return in 10 days for a reevaluation. From this point we will provide further guidance/tools, along with changes in the diet for a lifetime approach in blood sugar control.

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Many patients do not respond to diets, or have conditions that are not being resolved by medications or other supplements.  Our yeast cleanse is designed to help reduce the amount of yeast in the body, so the body can absorb nutrients and work at its optimal level.  This program is a 4 week dietary change, along with supplementation to help rebuild the gut and reduce the yeast.  We will have a symptom survey or consultation prior to the visit and after the 4 week reevaluate.  Our dietary plan includes a transition into normal lifestyle and we will teach you how to eat the proper foods in all reallife situations.  This is a lifestyle change and not just a diet.

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HAIR ANALYSIS: $125- $215

A hair analysis is used to determine mineral excess or deficiencies in the body, as well as, look at heavy metal toxicity.  Mineral imbalances lead to Thyroid issues, Adrenal issues, Blood Sugar issues, Inflammation issues, and it determines if there are GI issues indicating you are not digesting your foods.  The patient will come in and we will take a sample of hair.  Hair must not have any chemicals, hairspray, gel, etc.  at the time of the cutting.  This will take approximately 3-5 minutes.  Your hair will be sent off and processed in a lab.  Results usually return within 2-3 weeks.  If the patient only wants the hair analysis and report with an interpretation from the doctor, this is $125.

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If the patient would like to discuss with doctor issues they have been having, a more detailed interpretation of the report, and a treatment protocol, this is $215. 

Hair + Consult $215

Because a significant amount of time is set aside for each patient, we require at least a 48-hour notice for cancellations of new patient appointments, in order to give us enough time to offer the appointment to another patient.
We require at least a 24-hour notice for cancellations for established patient visits. 

We will reschedule any appointment via phone, email, mail, or office visit.

The cancellation fee will be the full fee of the appointment fee.

If the cancellation is done the same day as the purchase of the program, a full fee will then be refunded.

 Please call to cancel (during office hours) the same day of purchase to receive your refund.

*Patients who no-show for a scheduled appointment will be charged the full appointment fee.