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Everyday Items with Harmful Chemicals


Do you know how many dangerous chemicals that you put on your skin or consume on a daily basis? Let's look at this deeper. I've created a table down below to show you what these everyday chemicals do to our bodies and where we find them.

Environmental Chemical

Where it is Found

What it Causes

PCB’s, PBB’s, PBDE’s

Flame retardants, solvents, lubricants

  • Endocrine disrupters
  • neurotoxins.
  • Effects learning and memory as well as behavioral issues in children
  • thyroid toxicity
  • liver dysfunction
  • decreasing ability to detoxify. (Hench that is why vaccines effect some children.)
  • High doses have been found in breast milk.


Most used names: BBP, MBzP, DBP, MBP, MiBP, DEHP, MEHP, DEP, MEP, DiDP, DiNP, DnHP, DnOP.

plastics, PVC products, vinyl, perfumes, nail polish, lotions, shampoos, hairsprays, raincoats, personal care products, detergents, inflatable toys, medical tubing, children’s toys, plastic packaging and sheets. **Phthalates can be added to fragrances in products and not listed on the bottle (making up 20% of the product) Choose # on bottles with 1,2,4, 5 but not 3.


  • Cancer
  • reproductive issues
  •  early onset of puberty
  •  reproductive and genital defects
  •  low testosterone levels
  •  low sperm count
  •  interferes with male reproductive tract
  • block female hormones and suppress male hormones involved in male sexual development. Phthalates do cross the placenta. Children are the most effected.


Found in toothpaste and water

  • Long term use cause arthritic symptoms,  bone fractures, osteoarthritis, bone damage, ligament calcification, and muscle spasms
  •  Found it to effect the brain and thyroid gland due to a disease called “fluorosis” which is seen first as staining and pitting of teeth.

Chlorides or PVC

household products, children’s toys, upholstery for automobiles and furniture, wall and floor coverings, flooring, backing of carpet, medical devices, pipes, cable coating.

  • Brain cancer
  •  liver cancer
  • Raynauds
  • muscle pain
  • stiffness in hands
  •  Cancer risk for people who drink chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not
  •  allergic rhinitis and asthma increase in children who swim excessively in chlorinated pools. Chlorine leads to
  • upper respiratory and pulmonary issues
  •  cardiomegaly


Brominated Vegetable Oils (BVO) has been banned in Europe but not the US

Found in some:

sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade), soft drinks (Mountain Dew, Fresca) As Brominated Vegetable Oils

Flame retardant: in mattresses

Food: baking goods (Potassium Bromate)

Hygiene products: toothpaste, mouth washes, antiseptics and astringents.

Medications: such as nasal sprays, anesthesia agents

Water sources: Hot tubs, swimming pools, drinking water

Can cause:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cancers in breast, ovary, thyroid, and prostate
  • Acute Paranoia/ psychotic symptoms/ schizophrenia
  • Skin rashes/ acne
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Metallic taste
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Complete Infertility
  •  It displaces iodine . It can build up in the brain

Sulfates / Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

laundry detergents, spray cleaners, dishwasher detergents:

  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Cataracts
  • Hair loss

Heavy Metals: Mercury, Aluminum, cadmium, Lead, Arsenic

Bisphenol A (BPA)

food can linings, cash register receipts

Endocrine disorders

Pesticides ,Insecticies, Fungicides

Cancer causing agents, endocrine disrupters

Triclosan / Octylphenol

antibacterial and antifungal soaps and hand sanitizers, plastic kitchen tools, cutting boards, high chairs, pencils, deodorant, clothes, toys, bedding, fabrics. Found in Colgate Total toothpaste as antibacterial-killing chemical. Found in many children soaps

  • Thyroid disrupter
  • Interferes with male and female sex hormone signaling
  • Causes reproductive abnormalities
  • The FDA announced that these chemicals should not be considered safe or effective in antibacterial soaps and body washes



Cancer causing, and neurotoxic

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Found in gasoline and cigarette smoke, grilled and charred meats, asphalt on roads, exhaust, wood smoke

cancer in eyes liver and kidneys


GMO foods (corn, soy, cotton, canola, alfalfa, wheat)



Found in cosmetics

  • Mimics estrogen and binds to estrogen receptors.
  •  Disrupts hormones function
  • Shown to increase breast cancer risk
  • causes reproductive toxicity
  • increase skin cancer
  • reduce testosterone levels
  • Isobutylparabens in pregnant mothers leads to anxiety and behavioral changes in offspring


Found in Sunscreen

  • Endocrine disrupters
  • Damage cells that lead to skin cancer
  • Cause endometriosis
  • Damages reproductive systems
  • Increases early puberty in girls
  • Low sperm count and male infertility
  • Increases hormone related cancers in men and women.
  • IT is more strongly estrogenic than BPA

BHA (Butylated  Hydroxyanisole)

preservatives in personal care products as well as in foods. .  Found in lip products, hair products, makeup, sunscreen, antiperspirants/deodorants, fragrances, creams

  • Endocrine disrupters
  • Cause organ system toxicity
  • Cause cancer
  • Reproductive toxicity. Worse for pregnant women and infants.
  • Effects sexual maturation
  • Effects testosterone levels
  • Causes underdevelopment in children
  •  Tumors in the stomach


Gore-Tex, Teflon, found in drinking water, stain resistant carpets and fabrics

It was introduced during WWII.

Associated with:

  • Tumors
  • neonatal death and reduces birth weight
  • Toxic effects on immune, liver, and endocrine system
  • It induces tumors of the testicles, liver, pancreas and increase mammary tumors
  •  decrease immune response causing spleen and thymus waste away
  •  It impairs the thyroid. 
  •  It is harmful to developing fetus and infants.


Flame retardants fabrics, foams, plastics. PBDE’s are brominated. Still used in the manufacture of TVs as a fire retardant

Europe has band these products due to the side effects and it stores in our fat tissue.

Children have a higher level due to breathing contaminated house dust and eating the product or oral introduction. It escapes TV’s and children breath it in.

  • permanent damage to brain
  • damages reproductive system
  •  learning disabilities in children.
  • affect brain development
  • behavioral problems. They have found these products cause irreversible change in brain function and worsens with age.


temporary adhesives, electrolysis baths, batteries, airbags, drying agents, etching agents, cleaning agents, and bleach, some medications. They have been found in food and mil, and some vegetables, lakes rivers and groundwater wells

  • Thyroid toxicity/ hypothyroidism
  •  inhibiting uptake of iodine causing
  •  It effects children and fetuses by halting normal growth and development.
  •  It has been found in breast milk


Found in CD cases, food service products, luggage. It can be in liquid and solid form. Found in surfboards, life rafts, bean bags, yogurt and cottage cheese containers, clear salad bar containers, Styrofoam cups and plates.

  • linked to cancer
  • vision loss
  • hearing loss
  • impaired memory and concentration
  • nervous system issues.  Prolonged use can cause
  •  depression
  •  chronic headaches
  •  Fatigue
  •  weakness
  •  minor effects on kidney function and blood.


adhesives, paper, plastics, food packaging, cosmetics, nail polish, dyes, fabrics, drinking water treatment,

increase risk cancer and cause neurological damage


 paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, building materials, furnishings, office supplies (copiers, printers, correction fluids) glues, adhesives, permanent markers, petroleum

  • sore throats
  • nausea
  • drowsiness
  • headaches.

PEG’s/ Ethoxylated surfactants and 1, 4-dioxane

Other names: Watch for: polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxythylene, oxynol, ceteareth, oleth, -xynol, PEG, or any other eths.

This chemical is never listed on labels, yet in many beauty products. This is because it is a contaminant, or by-product, not an ingredient. 1,4-dioxane has been identified by the U.S EPA as a probable human carcinogen. Found in products such as hair relaxers, shampoos, body washes, sunscreen, personal care products children's soaps and baby care products-. The EWG found 57% percent of baby soaps in the U.S.A were contaminated with 1,4-dioxane

  • Human carcinogen
  • Combination of ethylene oxide with sodium lauryl sulfate causes breast cancer
  • Harmful chemicals get absorbed in body quicker. Used in products to absorb quickly in the skin.

Retinyl palmitate/retinoic acid

Anti-aging creams and lotions, moisturizers, and foundations.

Retinoic acid is used in anti-aging skin creams. Retinyl palmitate, a related chemical, is added to roughly one-quarter of the sunscreens


  • skin cancer
  • reproductive toxicity
  • speed the development of cancerous lesions on sun- exposed skin

This is just a short list of chemicals we are exposed to everyday that effect our health and our children’s health. Today’s society and children are sicker than generations before us. New diseases have been discovered, new syndromes have been named, and cancer is on the rise among our children as well as unheard of diseases, until this century. Can we possibly link it to the new chemicals we have been exposed to in our everyday environment? From plastics, to phones, to TV’s to new cars?  I will discuss all the conditions associating these chemicals with our current diseases, syndromes, and conditions.  The Failing Health of America could be due to these environmental toxins.

First, we want to explain what some of the chemicals do to the body in a scientific description.

The parts of the body most effected are: Nervous System, Digestive System, Musculoskeletal System, Immune System, and Endocrine System.

Endocrine System: This system consists of all the glands in our body which regulate all major systems in the body such as: hormones, metabolism, growth and development, reproductive system, sleep, stress, and vascular. The Endocrine System pretty much rules all the other systems besides the Digestive System.

The most common side effect from these chemicals are called Endocrine Disrupters. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s) block the body’s natural hormones interfering the development and function of the body. EDC’s are linked to infertility, hormone-related cancers, neurological issues, and other chronic diseases such as Diabetes.

EDC’s have been linked to reproductive health issues, hormone-related cancers, prostate disorders, thyroid disease, and neurodevelopmental issues and obesity. 

Studies have shown pregnant women exposed to these EDC’s can cause obesity in the child in later life. The studies discovered these toxic chemicals attack the cells in the pancreas, fat, and liver leading to insulin resistance and diabetes in these children.

Many of these EDC cause dysfunction with the Thyroid gland, leading to hypothyroidism. Some of these chemicals tend to deplete Iodine which is required by the Thyroid, as well as, immune system. This is how there is a cascading effect of not only glandular failure but cancer risks, due to it diminishing the immune system.

EDC’s will also mimic certain hormones, making your body think it does not need to make these hormones. These hormone “copycats” are the leading cause for breast and uterine cancers in women, and “early” menopause, reproductive issues (infertility) and hormone irregularities.  Therefore, it is so important to watch out for the hygiene and beauty products we introduce into our bodies.

Neurotoxins is the next issue these chemicals create in the body. Neurotoxins are chemicals that destroy our nervous system by depleting the nutrients, necessary for function, or stripping away protective layers of the nerve. When we speak of nerves, we are not only talking about the nerves of the body to help us move, but the nerves in the brain to help us think, reason, and respond. Nerves in the body that talk to our organs and tell them what actions need to be taken, such as in digestion. Other nerves in the body, tell the body how to react to movement or touch. When these nerves are destroyed or misguided, we can get issues such as: ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, memory issues, Parkinson’s, Paranoia, Dementia, Schizophrenia, depression, MS, random twitching, hearing loss, vision loss, and other neurological conditions.

Immune and skin issues are the next major correlations with these chemicals. Rashes, allergies, cancers, sore throats, eye irritations. These heavy metals can destroy our gut lining, leading to high inflammatory processes, allergic reactions, and lowered immune system, as well as, overactive “defensive” immune system. When these chemicals are breathed in, they are irritants that can damage our cell linings in our lungs, around our eyes, in our mouth, and on our skin. Current illness that are being treated with topical creams, lotions, or prednisone could be due to constant contact with these everyday pollutants. These issues will never be resolved until we eliminate the exposure, detox, and rebuild our immune system.

How do we know if we have any of these toxic chemicals in our bodies?

Several test can be done to rule out chemicals and heavy metals:

  • Organic Acid Test
  • Urinary Heavy Metal Test
  • Salivary Heavy Metal Test
  • Hair Analysis
  • Water contaminant test
  • BPA urine test
  • Porphyrins Profile
  • Phthalate and Paraben Profile

How do we treat:

First, we want to remove ourselves from the toxic chemicals. Buy organic cotton and wool mattresses that have not been sprayed and treated with toxic chemicals. Change your cooking utensils, remove plastic products from children and replace with safer products. Replace detergents and cleaning supplies to more natural products. Simple uses of Vinegar and essential oils make fantastic cleaners. Remove perfumes from our environment. Add HEPA Air devices to clean the air. Add plants in the house, which is one of the best air purifiers you can find. Read the labels in the haircare products, make-up, and lotions. Avoid chemical ridden sunscreens and go with more natural compounds.

It is important to change our diet to help us detox these chemicals. Liver, Kidney, and Gut health is vital to this detoxification process. There are several supplements that help with this procedure: Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Berberine. Affective treatments for detoxing: Epsom salt baths and washes, Infrared saunas, and dry brushing.

My rule of thumb is 5 ingredients and no more. Organic if possible. If they must use a preservative, make your own. Food is better. A lot of food products can be used for skin and hair. I understand it is frustrating and difficult. I completely understand it is overwhelming! Yet, there is a great organization that is non-profit, to help the consumer, EWG. If you are not sure what products are safe for you and your children, you can go on this website and look it up.  They explain all the toxicity, what levels, and the caustic conditions. They publish the “Dirty Dozen” foods to help you choose what is toxic and why. Don’t feel frustrated but educate yourself with baby steps. I would rather you make small changes than no changes at all. The future health of your children and self is important. I have heard patients say, “I ate that as a kid and I am fine.” Well, look at yourself, you are riddled with arthritis, on 20 medications, and have been diagnosed with at least one disease or syndrome. You may have been fine as a child and looked healthy, but that stuff catches up with you over time. Do you know it takes over 20 years of research on a chemical to see the future side effects on our health?  I see this all the time where science said it was safe, put the product on the market, and then found out 20 years it caused developmental issues, cancer, infertility, diseases.  Let’s use BPA as an example. Now, you see ‘BPA free’ but it was in every product you touched! Remember, signs and symptoms are not always immediate, it can take years 2, 3, 10, 20, 40 to breakdown the body and destroy it. And once you have accomplished this, it is a long, difficult road to get back to health!  Let’s all work together to educate the community on these environmental toxins!

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