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  • Do I Need A Yeast Cleanse?
    Do I Need A Yeast Cleanse? I have been asked this question many times in my office and I usually begin with asking if the patient has any or all of Read more
  • Antibiotics Aren't Helping, Now What?
    I would like to start this article by explaining what antibiotics are, why and when we should prescribe them, and why we have antibiotic resistant bugs. From here we can Read more
  • Why Sugar Is Making You Sick!
    I am sure, when you have been sick, the first thing you ran to is orange juice, Gatorade, or ginger ale. These are the worst things you can consume when Read more
  • Colostrum: Liquid Gold!
    Why did I title this blog post like this? Because Colostrum is the most precious and valuable substance we can give our kids. It is the foundation to their health. Read more
  • Bone Broth Recipes You'll Love!
    Bone Broth recipes for the immune system Read more
  • Lifestyle for the Immune System
    The last thing I find important to address for preventing and treating illnesses is lifestyle. Let me go over my top 11 lifestyle choices you can make for your family Read more
  • Supplements for the Immune System
    Typically, I do not plug or advertise specific supplements except for this article. I will give the mothers in my clinic the list of supplements that I have in my Read more
  • Top Favorite Essential Oils For Immune System
    These next few blog posts will focus more on Essential oils, Supplementation, and Lifestyle to keep not only ourselves but our “little ones” from getting sick and recover from illnesses. Read more
  • How To Keep You and Your Child From Getting Sick!
    It is the time of the season where my patient’s frequently ask: “How do I keep my family well this season?” and “We are sick, how can I get us Read more
    With chiropractic we primarily focus on the spine and its subluxations that are causing neck, mid back, and low back pain. Yet, we also deal with spinal misalignment that may Read more