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  • How does sugar affect you?
    How does sugar affect you! This is a common topic I address with my patients everyday. Over consumption of sugar has dominated our lives and leads to a majority of health Read more
  • Yeast
    It is the time of the year where we like to eat our starchy foods, drink our sugary drinks, and consume a few too many alcoholic beverages.  Though we love Read more
  • Winter Immune System Challenges
    Long-Term Support Echinacea Premium Offers superior long-term immune system support when taken every day Patented combination of the roots of Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea with a minimum of 4.1 mg of alkylamides Read more
  • Supplement(s) of the Month
    We are showcasing a couple of supplements over the next month: Drenamin and Min-Tran. These two supplements are normally coupled together to provide a complete package when dealing with adrenal Read more
  • 10-Day Blood Sugar Program
    Are you experiencing any of the following? Cravings for carbs or sugar A shaky feeling between meals Low energy Fitful sleep Moodiness  Irritability when hungry Well-functioning blood sugar metabolism is the basis for good energy, quality sleep, Read more
  • Maintenance Care
    Don't forget, maintenance is so important to ensure that the integrity of the spine is being SUSTAINED and SUPPORTED. Because day to day activities put bio-mechanical strain on our bodies, we Read more
  • Yeast Cleanse
    For years I have focused on yeast being the main issue for most patients health issues. As time has gone by, most patients have focused on the yogurt commercials and Read more
  • 7 Ways to Minimize Environmental Changes
    7 Ways to Minimize Environmental Changes Spring can bring a surge of seasonal and environmental challenges. As you begin to spend more time outside, you may have a difficult time coping Read more
  • Allergy or Sinus Issues?
    Having any allergy or sinus issues? Take a look at our videos every week that focuses on total health and well being. Read more
  • Spring Health Talk--Get In Shape For Summer!
    Hello everyone! We have a quick question for our patients. Dr. Johnson and the staff are planning a Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Talk for early April, right after Spring Break. This Read more