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  • Football, Turkey, Family and Holiday Decorations
    Turkey day, Football games, family ties and holiday decorations will be arriving next week! Make sure you get in to the office before you really hurt yourself! Or to just Read more
  • Gifts Baskets
    Stumped on what to get your family and friends? Have unused flex spending account $? Stop by and get your custom basket today! CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE: Friday December 20th: 7:45am to 1:00pm and Read more
  • Open House
    We are getting ready for our open house... We have the office decorated and are baking the cookies and getting the hot chocolate out just for you! Make sure you Read more
  • Supplement(s) of the Month
    We are showcasing a couple of supplements over the next month: Drenamin and Min-Tran. These two supplements are normally coupled together to provide a complete package when dealing with adrenal Read more
  • Christmas Open House
    CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE… We wanted to invite you to our open house! Stop by for cookies and cider or hot cocoa. Make sure to get in your last minute adjustments Read more
  • 20 % off
    OPEN HOUSE… 20% off Supplements and Supplies FRIDAY AND MONDAY These items can be purchased with any remaining FSA or HAS money. Read more
  • Open House Goodies
    We have the goodies out! So make sure you stop by and try them!!! Friday: December 20th from 7:45am - 1pm or 2:30pm - 5pm Monday: December 23rd from 7:30pm - 3:30pm Read more
  • 2 Days Left in 2013
    Make sure you get in today or tomorrow to use up any unused visits or flex money before time runs out this year! Deductibles and insurance plan changes will start Read more
  • New Year!
    We hope everyone has recovered from their holiday celebrations! Welcome to 2014 and we hope it is an exciting year for you! Please let us know when you are going Read more
  • Health Talks
    Dr. Cherie would like to answer your questions. If you would like to participate in one of our health talks, where you can ask those nagging questions, please email the Read more