Just to let you know what our patients have to say about Dr. Johnson and chiropractic Acupuncture health Center, here are a few testimonials.

"I have been coming to Dr. Johnson for five plus years.   Over that period of time she has, through acupuncture and adjustment treatments,  eliminated my plantar fasciitis, rectified aches and pains to numerous to count and through monthly maintenance adjustments improved my quality of life for these 75 year old bones!
Recently, I experienced unexplained pain in my knee accompanied by intermittent episodes of ?giving way?  (weakness) causing me to fear the possibility of falling.  One of the last things a 75 year old wants to do!
I visited an orothopedic surgeon, thinking I would probably need surgery. The symptoms were similar to a torn meniscus in the other knee which warranted surgery years earlier.
While waiting results of an MRI, I visited Dr. Johnson for my routine ?monthly maintenance? appointment.  She asked why I was wearing the soft brace on my knee.  Following my explaination, her examination and a painless knee adjustment, I walked out without the knee brace and pain free!  
Once more Dr. Johnson has exceeded my expectations and caused me to question my judgment - why didn?t I bring my symptoms to her first? !!
Thank you Dr. Johnson for all you have done for me, alleviating pain and helping to improve my quality of life.  
AND I do love using that roller bed before every adjustment! ?"


"Every single time I start chiropractic treatment my first thought as I leave the office is "why did I wait so long ". I tend to live with those common neck pains, upper back tensions and lower back tightness chalking it up to getting older and thinking it's just not that bad. However, regular visits here eliminate almost all of those symptoms. I vividly remember an occasion last year when my lower back just "went out" and any movement was excruciating . My first call was to Dr. Johnson and I somehow managed to get into my car and make the drive. I could barely walk going in . 15 minutes later I walked out of her office with absolutely zero pain. Without her I would have spent hours in Urgent Care and days in bed taking medication. Thanks for all you do!"


"I never would've thought six years ago that I would be seeing a chiropractor. But one day I woke up and could not raise my arm above my chest and a friend of mine told me to go see Cherie. She has changed my mind about chiropractics. Now whenever I have a problem I go to her first so I can try to avoid the medications and the surgeries that I may be told that I need by a general practitioner. Thank you Cherie for everything you've done for me!"


 " A week of daily treatments by Dr. Cherie Johnson provided outstanding relief for my severe "back of the skull" headaches accompanied by chronic neck pain and muscle spasms.  I felt immediate relief after the first treatment, and each follow-up adjustment increased the interval between headaches and neck pain. After the first intensive treatments, the headaches went away, soon followed by increased relief of the neck spasms and chronic stiff neck.  I am now on a maintenance schedule, and continue to be free of headaches. I've been very pleased by the care and attention of dr. Johnson and her staff and will continue to seek chriopractic care as part of my overall health program."


" I began seeing Dr. Cherie Johnson due to chronic neck pain.  It was on one of my initial visits for treatment of my neck that I went inot the clinic with a 3 day migraine.  I have suffered with migraines for 15 plus years.  I have had numerous tests done, seen many doctors, and taken countless medications with limited success.  Dr. Johnson adjusted me one time and administered acupuncture for my migraine.  I was totally pain free within an hour after my adjustment and acupuncture.  The best part of all was I was pain free with no medication administered! I have found my headache doctor."

Cindy G.

"I have been diagnosed with a liver disease that makes me fatigued.  One day I was doing research on alternative medicine and came upon acupuncture.  As I read about it I decided to try it.  After 3-4 treatments I noticed I was not getting fatigued as often.  Nor was I as jaundice.  I have more energy to exercise now.  I also discovered that it helps relieve menstrual cramps and backaches. I do believe that acupuncture can be beneficial to your well being along with proper nutrition and some form of exercise."


"Initially I was doubtful as to whether or not chiropractic care would really help my neck, back, and shoulder problems. I have had problems with my neck, back, and shoulder for years and Dr. Johnson is the first chriopractor I have ever visited for these problems.  It has been two months and I can say that I have experienced relief as a result of Dr. Johnson and chiropractic care.  Dr. Johnson really listens and educates her patients on the benefits of chriopractic care.  Little did I know that some of my friends and colleagues have also been seeing Dr. Johnson."


  I want to start off with saying THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! you are truly a miracle worker!!!

I came in yesterday (Monday) for an acupuncture session. I was extremely stressed.  I had what I'm calling an anxiety episode the previous Saturday.  I had to give a presentation at work today (Tuesday).  I wasn't sure I was going to make it through today. 

You treated me a little more aggressively during my session yesterday and it worked miracles.  Yesterday after the session I felt relaxed and the stress was gone.  This morning I was able to eat breakfast (which never happens when I'm nervous) and didn't feel sick at all.  I had some nervous butterflies which is to be expected but I didn't feel sick like I was expecting.  My presentations (I had to speak in two different sessions at my conference) went beautifully!!! My co-workers told me I didn't seem nervous at all and that the presentations were good.

All of that to say I can't express enough my gratitude to you.  You were able to find the perfect combination to get my emotions under control and my body in perfect working order.  When I first started the acupuncture sessions I wasn't completely sure that it would work.  Well I'm happy to tell you I'm 100% positive it works.  I am a raving fan.  Thank you!!!