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Dangers of Sports Drinks

This is an informative piece of information for parents and adults. Please stop giving children Sports drinks.  You are being fooled by  the idea of electrolytes.   Children are better off with spring water, coconut water,  or water with a little  himilayan salt .

Gatorade is one of the many drinks that contained BROMINE, until 2014 when a 14 year old reported the misuse of the chemical in the drink.  Bromide, Fluoride, and Chloride can lead to HYPOPTHYROIDISM.

Did you know that Bromide is in flame retardants.

Start reading labels ! ingredients determine what we actually put in our body.  The old adage was, "If it has more than 5 ingredients on the box, PUT IT AWAY". I use this thought in my shopping all the time.  Labels and marketing on the front of the box lure you to thinking it is good for you, but turn that box around and look at all the ingredients.  If you feel like you are speaking a foreign language, put it up!  Most of these chemicals are not healthy and made in a lab, not by nature.  Also don't be food by "All Natural"  Spit is natural but do I really want to consume it.  Remember this:  many ingredients us by products that are unhealthy and dangerous for us.  

Also remember, marketing companies get paid the big bucks to change wording around to make you feel safe and good inside to buy their products.  I myself have been duped by this marketing technique.  I may take time, but train yourself on good and bad ingredients, and it will make it easier to shop for the future.  Again, I like the website  They can help direct you in those confusing chemical names to determine if something is good or bad to consume.

There are several test we can perform to determine if you have an imbalance of these chemicals or minerals in the body.  Our office offers several blood lab work, saliva testing, and hair analysis to help determine the effects of poor eating on your body.  If you are interested in more information please email or call our office at: or 205-408-5600