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7 Ways to Minimize Environmental Changes

7 Ways to Minimize Environmental Changes

Spring can bring a surge of seasonal and environmental challenges. As you begin to spend more time outside, you may have a difficult time coping with the stress of the season.

Breathe easier by supporting the many systems affected when the body's natural histamine respsonse function kicks in, including the immune and respiratory systems, liver, and adrenal glands.

1. After spending time outdoors, take a shower.
2. Wash clothes that were worn outside.
3. Instead of opening the windows in house, just run the air conditioner.
4. Avoid touching the eyes and nose, especially when you're outside.
5. Wear gloves while gardening.
6. Leave shoes in the garage or brush them off before bringing them in the house.
7. On sunny, windy days, limits the time outside to short intervals.

Supplements you can take:
1. Allerplex
2. Antronex
3. Euphrasia Complex
4. Adrenal
5. Drenamin