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Yeast Cleanse

For years I have focused on yeast being the main issue for most patients health issues. As time has gone by, most patients have focused on the yogurt commercials and have been taking a great deal of probiotics.  They feel better but something is still not right. Probiotics are great and you need them, but if the body cannot absorb these nutrients, then you are wasting your time.  So why can’t the body absorb my vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics? The main culprit is yeast.


The best way I can describe yeast, is like plaque built up along the walls of your intestines. Your intestines are where you absorb all of your vitamins and minerals. This is why healthy eating, supplementation, and other nutrients may not have an affect on you. I always think of a “Drano” Commercial.  If there is sludge and plaque building up along the side of your pipes, water will still run through it, but it gets clogged or blocked easily. Yeast is basically all the sludge and junk built up around our intestinal walls.

Yeast usually comes from over consumption of simple carbs (bread, pasta, crackers, cakes, pies, doughs, pizza), over consumption of sugars, alcohol, and birth control & excess antibiotics.     

How Do I Know if I Have YEAST

  • An at home test is Spit test:  First thing in the morning before drinking or brushing your teeth, spit in a cup of water.  Look for strings or film for + sign.

What do I do if I have YEAST?

Steps to change:

1. Change diet immediately

2. Supplement to kill yeast (Pau d Arco)

3. Clean the yeast out with colon cleanse (Turkey Rhubarb)

  • Join our 4 week Yeast Cleanse starting July 11th, after fourth of July. 

Dr. Johnson