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How does sugar affect you?

How does sugar affect you!
This is a common topic I address with my patients everyday. Over consumption of sugar has dominated our lives and leads to a majority of health issues that we are not even aware of, ie: heart disease, memory loss, inflammation, muscle fatigue, fatty liver, yeast, POS, fertility, adrenal fatigue. What is even more upsetting is when you realize that most of your sugar comes from carbohydrate consumption (bread, pasta, crackers, potatoes, carrots, etc) Did you know that the average amount of sugar a day for a woman should be 6 tsp (25g) and men 9 tsp (35g). Do you know what most Americans consume per day? 31 tsps (124g) . Our clinic works with patients to understand how their diet is affecting their health and what needs to be done to make a change. If you have questions or want to know more about sugar affects please like or respond to this page.