Why Each Generation is Eating Sicker and Sicker with Increases in Cancers and Endocrine Diseases.
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Have we become a Pottenger's Cat Generation

Have we become a Pottenger's Cat Generation?

            Pottenger was a scientist who mainly researched how nutrition and good health could prevent chronic illnesses and the deterioration of the adrenal glands. He performed a 10 year study on over 900 cats. He mainly feed Group 1 & 2

 Group One                                                              Group Two

   raw milk                                                              pasteurized milk

  raw meat                                                         cooked meat/processed

cod liver oil.             .

Group One results:  Good bone structure, normal face structure, shiny fur, healthy skin, no parasites or disease, reproductive ease with gentle childbirth

Group Two results:  first generation changes in reproduction, degeneration, fatigue

     By the second generation: Reproductive issues, Degeneration that began in mid -life, vermin and parasite infiltration, loss of coordination

    By the third generation: Could not even reproduce, infertility issues, degenerative changes early in life, some born blind and weak, shorter life span, overridden with parasites, skin allergies ( from 5% to now 90%), soft bones, deformed facial features, females became aggressive and males became docile, personality changes, hypothyroidism, most of the degenerative changes encountered in human medicine.

    By fourth generation: most kittens never survived and died out at an early age. SIDS

Several other studies have been developed off of this one using humans.  To see where you stand with Pottenger's cat, look at your families history:  Parents, grandparents, great grandparents.  The most wonderful thing they have concluded from these additional studies: These trends ARE REVERSIBLE for our children and children's children.   If you are wanting to work toward this reversal.  Please join us for our Group 21 Day Detox or NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING

Learn more about food, good vs bad, organic, food labels, how our organs work, what everyday household items are poisoning our system.  This program is an education series to get you and your family back to a healthy lifestyle and not to be manipulated by Marketing Techniques by the food industry

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