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Cold and Flu Prevention

As it may have been aware to most, Alabama has declared a state of emergency for the flue.
Our patient's have asked what they can do to avoid this situation. I will give you my advice. My Grandmothers tried and true cold and flue recipe that has been tested over time. Very easy and simple and I will explain why it works.
#1 Bone Broth: you can now buy this at your local grocery store. Always go organic. Double the recipe if you do more than one box.
Why bone broth. Bone is a wonderful source of immune cells, Vit D (which supports the immune system) and Calcium, which can help reduce fevers and support the adrenal and thyroid glands
#2 Six (6) Cloves of Garlic: Garlic is a wonderful antiviral, antibacterial, antiyeast, antiparasite food
#3 1/4 cup (more if you like) Lemon Juice: Lemons have those wonderful Vitamin C we have all heard about, as well as, it assists Garilc in shutting down the "pump" in a virus cell. Recent studies have shown that the combination of Garlic and lemon help to destroy a virus.
# 4 Sage: I recommend the actual herb and not the dried spice. You can find this a Publix vegetable aisle. I use 2-4 sprigs depending on the need.
#5 1 diced Vidalia Onion: Sage and Onion work great with coughs. If you have developed that pesky cough, definitely add this to your soup.
Some patients have asked about apple cider vinegar. It is great for you. You are welcome to add it in your soup but I am not sure how it will taste. Yet I would add it in my lemon tea, which you can also find garlic juice to add as well.
I hope this keeps you healthy for the year. Remember, you can drink or eat this as often as you want. On average, most of my patient's state they notice a recovery in three days. Please visit our facebook page, twitter, or instagram and let us know how it has worked for you.