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Information and Supplementation for COV19

COV 19 April Information and Supplementation Video

This video provides information about COV 19, current research and findings, as of, April 2020, and what we suspect may be the reasoning for mild to severe cases.

Included are a list of supplements that may help boost the immune system and support the lungs.

Supplements are listed from our clinic line through Standard Process.  Other supplements are provided in this video that may be purchased from other companies and supply stores.

Standard Process and Mediherb supplements:

Epimune, Immuplex, Resco, Broncafect, Congaplex, Zinc Liver Chelate, Cod Liver Oil, Thymex, Thymus PMG, Ganoderma & Shitake, Herbal Throat Spray, Elderberry, Ginger, Cataplex C, Cataplex D, Garlic Forted, Curcumen, Tumeric, Boswellia.

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