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Top Favorite Essential Oils For Immune System

These next few blog posts will focus more on Essential oils, Supplementation, and Lifestyle to keep not only ourselves but our “little ones” from getting sick and recover from illnesses. I will begin with Essential oils.



I know there are many types of companies out there selling oils. I have found that some of their symptom and oil correlations are not accurate. I would like to start with the basic oils that you should have in your medicine bag and explain why we use them.

First, let me tell you a story. I had a neighbor who lived next to me that had a young child around 8 months old. The child had a chronic cough. She had gone to the pediatrician and as usual wanted to give the young child antibiotics. As the mother agreed, the cough never cleared up and she began the cycle of return pediatric visits with some sort or prescription when she left. The mother became very frustrated and decided to ask me for some help. I began to explain the first thing she needs to do is rebuild this child’s gut, since antibiotics destroy it and causes further immune issues (remember, the gut is the first line to your immune defense). After this discussion I told her an old wives remedy with essential oils in a vaporizer or diffuser and a neat trick with a common food: onions.

I went into my medicine bag and I grabbed: Sage oil, Clove oil, and oregano oil. Sage oil is great for upper respiratory issues. I usually mix this with a carrier oil and rub in on my child chest if she has an upper respiratory cold. This is also why we have sage in our bone broth soup. It is a great for killing off bacteria, fungi, and it eliminates toxins, and is an anti-inflammatory.

Clove is a natural antiseptic. It has been used for centuries for gum disease, inflammation, mouth wash, etc. I like to include this in my oil remedies for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Clove stops mold, yeast, and bacteria. Many time’s a wet cough can be an indication of a yeast issue, as well as, a bacterial or virus. Clove works against all. I love clove and it smells great too.

Oregano oil is something I will add because of its antiviral properties, as well as, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Just in case the upper respiratory cough is virus.

I find these three oils combined works great for baby and mother. I usually mix them and place in either a “Vicks” vaporizer (which most have an essential oil compartment on them now) or a diffuser. You want to shut the door and basically permeate the room with the smell. Don’t overdo it though, we don’t need the whole house to smell, just get the herbs in the air to breath. In the old days, we would put these herbs in a boiling pan of water and then lean over with a towel over our head to breath in the therapeutic steam. As adults, we can still do this. In Native American times they would heat up a teepee and burn these herbs to get the same effect. I am telling you this, so you are aware that this has been done for centuries by our forefathers. 

Going back to my young mother’s story. The next morning the child’s cough had reduced by 70%. She did it again the next night and it was completely gone. She was very skeptical but was desperate for a resolve of her child’s condition. She was absolutely amazed it was something so simple as essential oils. A year later when the cough reappeared, she called me immediately to ask for the oil concoction. Again, she returned the thanks with a phone call that all was resolved after one treatment.

Okay, where does the onion play into this story? Onions are great absorbers of bacteria and is known to be an expectorant. The sulphuric acid in an onion has antibacterial properties. Typically, if we think you may have a bacterial infection, we recommend an onion syrup, because of the sulphuric acid. We usually recommend most patient purchase Vidalia onions, boil it down in low amount of water until they get an onion juices and then take 1-2 Tablespoons of it (children 1-2 teaspoons). Another way is to take an onion, cut it and place honey around it and seal it. The honey will breakdown the onion and make a syrup. Honey is better than sugar because of its antiseptic properties and it has a natural anticough mechanism.

If you really want to make sure all form of microbes go, you can make this same syrup with honey, onions, garlic, sage, and oregano.


Hence again, I go back to the old bone broth soup recipes. All these ingredients can be added to your broth and fed to your children and yourself as a nighttime meal.

Sometimes, if I am worried about illnesses going around. I like to take a pan of low water and boil onions, garlic, sage, clove, oregano, thyme, and even myrrh(oils) in the pan and then let it simmer, allowing the fragrant steam to permeate the house and give use a good therapeutic boost.

Other essential oils that I recommend are frankincense, myrrh, and rosemary.

These are just a few small examples of how essential oils can help you and your family with colds and the flu.

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