I can't lose weight because of yeast overgrowth.
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Yeast and Weight Loss

Do you feel like you have tried everything from diets to pills and you just feel stuck, or the scales never move and you feel even more bloated in the stomach.  Sometime Systemic YEAST is the issue.  I have worked with so many women on weight.  Many times it is just teaching them the best diet for their body, or it is supplementation to help repair the digestive system, or a good liver cleanse, and even hormone balancing.  Yet do you know for most women the number one cause is an overgrowth of YEAST.  Most women believe you have to have a yeast infection to have this, but that is not true.  I find when most women have "tried everything" and their weight has not budged, we look at systemic yeast overgrowth in the body.  There are other signs and symptoms of this condition: chronic sinus infections, digestive issues, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair, skin conditions, fungi's, lack of nail growth, and the list goes on.  We usually start with a good yeast cleanse. If they feel like other conditions they have had mimic a yeast overgrowth, we can also do a simple yeast test to diagnose this condition. If you are interested in our yeast cleanse or any yeast testing, please visit our website www.cahc.biz and click on Functional Medicine Pricing.  You can find our yeast cleanse program and we can provide this service over the phone and send you all the necessary paperwork and supplements to begin.  Let us know if we can help you at 205-408-5600.

Dr. Cherie Johnson Functional Medicine Practitioner www.cahc.biz