Glandular Headaches, and why Headache medication does not work.
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Headaches and the Cause

Recently I have been doing an email series on Headaches.  There are several ways we treat headaches but most people don't know why they have it.  Many people have been on medication for headaches and we only keep upping the dose.  Did you know headaches can be: musculature, subluxation of the C1/C2 vertebrae, sinus, allergies, mold, hormones, weather, food, and stress.  But most people do not know it can be your actual pituitary gland.  If you ever feel like you have a splitting headache, the kind the makes you feel like your whole head is going to blow up, this may be your first sign of a pituitary headaches.  Many doctors don't look at this being a culprit for the patient's headache pains.  Let me give you some examples of pituitary headaches:  whole head pressure, worse during weather changes, worse before or during menstrual changes, usually have during pregnancy or other hormonal issues.  See the pituitary is a master gland and is very tiny in a  small space. When inflammation is in the space it squeezes on this pituitary gland causing this intense head pressure. If you want see if this may be the cause of your headaches and would like to seek natural treatment, Please contact us at 205-408-5600 or  We also do online phone and facetime consultations. Thank you, Dr. Cherie Johnson  

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