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Longevity Test

Researchers from University College of London published in the British Medical Journal in 2014 a study to test the signs of longevity.  The study lasted 13 years using 1,355 men, and 1,411 women at the age of 53.  They began with three test when they were 53 and retested at age 66.  They determined that if these individuals could do these tests at 53, they would be 5 times more likely to be alive and well at 66.  There were far higher death rates among those who failed to complete the tasks at 53.

The tests are: "Chair Test", "Balance Test", "Grip Test"

The Chair Test: the patient had to stand up and sit down in a chair 39 times in a minute for a man and women 36 times

The Balance Test: Both had to stand on one leg for 10 seconds or longer with eyes closed

The Grip Test: Both had to be able to apply a pressure of up to 54.5 kg or 120 lbs

These are three simple tests you can do at home. If you find difficulty with any, there is a sign of something not working properly in your system, leading to these inabilities.  To catch these deficiencies early can add more years to your life.  If you would like more information or find you cannot perform these test, visit our clinic for a consultation.  WWW.CAHC.BIZ or 205-408-5600.  Talked to Dr. Cherie Johnson  and see how she can help increase your optimal health.