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Infrared Sauna

I absolutely love our infrared sauna.  Studies have shown it helps detox the body, as well as reduce inflammation and sore muscles.  My favorite use for it is: Heavy Metal Toxicity and Estrogen Dominance.  So many people have been exposed to Heavy Metals and do not understand the effects they have on them:  brain fog, forgetfulness, fatigue, lack of concentration, allergies, hair loss, dermatitis, depression, tremors, muscle pain, migraine headaches thyroid dysfunction.  All these metals can be tested through a simple hair analysis.  We can perform these at our clinic Chiropractic Acupuncture Health Center.  Infrared Sauna is one of the top recommendations for expelling these heavy metals.  Estrogen Dominance is another issue that we notice a fantastic result from Infrared Saunas.  Estrogen Dominance is usually when your old/waste/fake estrogen is floating in the body and can't get out.  Your body thinks it is estrogen and stops producing the hormones you need, but in actuality it is a false estrogen.  This old estrogen needs to get out of the body through the Liver but if it cannot it just sticks around and starts clogging up the receptors for other hormones.  Excess Estrogen leads to PCOS, infertility, strange periods, anger and moodiness, weight gain, and more. Men can get this as well.  I love the infrared sauna for these type of conditions. Call us to make an appointment at 205-408-5600 or visit our website