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Vitamin Deficiency and Stroke

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that people low in vitamin B12 had an increase risk of a fatal heart attack and stroke.

The study focused on the relationship between homocysteine, B-12 and carotid artery plaque.

The study showed that higher blood levels of B vitamins are related to lower concentrations of homocysteine leading to decrease plaquing in the carotid arteries.  However, an elevated blood homocysteine level revealed a strong risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

The study revealed that low blood vitamin B12 levels are a major cause of elevated homocysteine levels and increased of carotid plaque area.

Here at Chiropractic Acupuncture Health Center with Functional Medicine, we will be able to order a blood homocysteine test and discuss your changes in dietary lifestyle, supplementation and needs for other vitamins.  Serum B-12 blood test is not as specific, a methylmalonic acid test (MMA) would be more appropriate.  

If we can help with these concerns, please contact us at: or 205-408-5600

Information provided by Dr. Ronal Grisanti D.C, D.A.B.C.O,, D.A.C.B.N, MS from Functional Medicine University.