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Health Goals for the Year

This is the time of the year when we want to make changes to our health.  Lose more weight, eat better, feel better, reduce the amount of prescription drugs, etc...  Much of the time I have patient's come in with general " symptom" like conditions.  I have to explain, " I want to help get rid of your symptoms, but I have to look at your body as a whole".  Do you know that many hormone issues women deal with have to do with a sluggish liver and poor digestion.  Many anxiety issues have been diagnosed incorrectly. Most are actually a symptom for other dysfunctional organ systems that leads to a lack of absorption of proper nutrients, which can cause anxiety sensations.  It is never a lack of Zoloft, Prozac, Adderall.

We need to take back our health for this year.  In Western Medicine we have a tendency to look at SYMPTOMS instead of SYSTEMS.  RETHINK YOU HEALTH! Stop looking at the symptoms and start looking at your body's systems.  Many health issues are due to a poor working Liver and Digestion.  Let's start focusing on getting our whole body healthy instead of taking multiple drugs for one or two symptoms.  If you would like more information and how to get your body back into a normal working balance to reduce these symptoms, please call 205-408-5600 or visit our website for a consultation.