Acupuncture First Visit

Acupuncture First Visitneedles.jpg

Acupuncture first visit is approximately 45 minutes to an hour long.

Upon entering the clinic you will fill out a few forms concerning your health and basic information.

You will be taken to the exam room, where the doctor will go over your history and current condition or concerns.

After your examination the doctor with escort you to the acupuncture room where treatment will begin. 

You will be placed on needles for the total of 15 minutes or longer.

After your treatment you will recieve a Welcome packet with Do's and Don'ts list, treatment plan, and possible side effects.

You will be scheduled for your follow up visit.

The first visit is normally $100 including exam and treatment.  Subsequent vists are $50.

Patient's will be placed on a 10 visit treatment plan.